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The National Live Scan Association’s Certified Live Scan Technician online training program provides a strong introduction to the Live Scan Biometric Industry with emphasis from a Live Scan Technician perspective. The needs for good Live Scan Fingerprint Rollers services are great.

Our NLSA instructors and mentors are former educators, industry leaders, seasoned Live Scan Technicians, and experienced and prior law enforcement folks.

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Live Scan Technician Training Program

In this course, you will learn how to become an effective NLSA Certified Live Scan Technician! This workshop provides a strong introduction to the Live Scan Biometric industry with emphasis from a Live Scan Fingerprint Roller perspective, including illustrations, and instructions of basic operations of an actual Live Scan device.

Discussions and practical applications include:

  • Fingerprint rolling techniques.
  • Review of applicable state and federal level Live Scan Request forms; preparation & completion.
  • Identifying and working with poor quality fingerprints.
  • Determining/collection of Live Scan fees.
  • Government regulatory & guideline review.
  • Biometric industry best practices.
  • Role Playing.

$1297 eSession Online Program

Great Value! Benefits Includes:

  • NLSA’s LiveScanHub Access – 30 Days
  • Printed handouts, digital and downloadable materials
  • Online Support (12 Months)
  • Six (6) Private and/or Group eSessions
  • Bi-monthly Newsletter (6 mo. Subscription)
  • NLSA Certified Live Scan Technician Workbook $329 Value (free shipping, USA only)
  • Product Information
  • Special Guest Live & Recorded Webinars
  • Certificate of Participation

LiveScan Technician

$1297 Online Course Series 100A - Certified Live Scan Technician
Web-Based Training & Resource Center
One-on-One Private eSessions with NLSA Instructor
NLSA Certification Upon Completion & Approval
1 Year Membership Term

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These upcoming Certified Live Scan Technician related webinars are with industry leaders in business development, government institutions, and biometric fingerprinting arena. There are various types of Live Scan Fingerprint Roller Technician services (career opportunities) out there.

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